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Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy and Missions

What is it?

The pastoral care, international chaplaincy and transcultural missions are
religious works whose main purpose is to help people who are in need.

A pastor’s ministry is generally church-based. A missionary and international
chaplain can work outside the church. The international chaplaincy and
transcultural missions works can be done across the world.


A pastor needs preaching and teaching skills. An international chaplain
needs listening skills. A missionary needs communication skills. All them can
offer spiritual and emotional support to people during difficult times.


The pastoral care, international chaplaincy and transcultural missions are interdenominational.

They provide religious care and helps the advancement of religion.

Am I ready?

You can become a pastor, international chaplain or missionary with the
proper training.

Check our online courses page to get the training. The courses are free!

After the courses completion, you’ll be able to purchase the proper
membership plan on our “Join or Renew” page.

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Why the ASCPAS?

  1. 1
    Total Commitment to Charitable Work


    Charity can change other people’s lives.

    All our actions are done to help people and fulfill God’s desires.

  2. 2
    Contribution to Education Development

    Theology can contribute to various fields of knowledge.

    We strongly believe that theological education can change the way people view the world.

    We want to contribute to education development with our theological courses.

  3. 3
    Extensive Religious Work and Spiritual Care


    We are inspired by the Word of God.

    Our mission is to expand the reach of our religious work around the world and offer spiritual support to people who are in need.

  4. 4
    Capable Staff Members


    Our staff members are chosen for their experience, knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm, spirituality and love of helping people.

  5. 5
    Strong Social Responsibility


    All people are important to the ASCPAS.

    We offer a strong support to people involved with the association.

Why Me?


Somehow you got here, maybe out of curiosity, by accident, recommendation or search. Sometimes, a simple coincidence can become a purpose!


We know that many people will visit us daily, and maybe for lack of interest, they will not return. But we have faith that some will be touched in the heart, and we hope that maybe you can be one of them…


We don’t help for our own recognition. We work for the glory of the Lord. If you have felt a call from God or truly found in yourself the will to help people, even in simple actions, then we are here to unite. Always remember, God gave you free will. The choice is in your hands!

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Our Mission

13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.
Practice hospitality.

Romans 12:13


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