About the ASCPAS

Our Association

The Association of Chaplains and Pastors (ASCPAS) is a religious organization dedicated to charity, social and religious work, spiritual and psychological care, ministry, and education. Based in the United States, ASCPAS is represented in many countries around the world. Our association funds many types of social projects and charities involving advancement of religion, relief of the poor, health care, education development and environmental conservation. Our members work to improve the quality of life for underprivileged people and marginalized communities, and expand the reach of our religious and social work.

Duties and Ministries

International Chaplaincy

Our chaplaincy work is international and interdenominational. We work with a wide variety of sectors like education, environment, health care, military, prison, sports and others.

International Pastoral Care

Our missions involving international pastoral care share some similarities with our international chaplaincy work. The pastoral care work is more focused in the guidance and spiritual care of people inside religious organizations like churches.

Theological Education

We offer theological courses at various levels and different modes. The courses can be completed in our online system. For more information about our courses, check our courses pages.